Yoga is on the rise in our so-called “sophisticated societies”. More and more people get convinced by the concept and its positive effects. But Yoga classes can not just be found at the gym. Individual Yoga studios crop up on an increasing rate. A few years ago we might have considered Yoga as a hype that would disappear as fast as it popped up. But today we can witness the formation of a serious community that could actually be considered as a Yoga industry.

Yoga Guide (for men)

Even though Yoga is quite established most classes are dominated by female practitioners. Men still are scarce commodity in “modern society’s Yoga”. This actually is remarkable considering the fact that almost all great and well known Yoga practitioners were and are men: Vivekananda, Patanjali, Aurobindo Ghose, Swami Shivananda, just to name a few. Moreover, all writings that could be passed on have been composed by men, like the Veda and Smritis.

So why is the proportion of males in Yoga classes that small in our sophisticated societies?
Most men consider Yoga as women’s stuff. Effeminate, unmanly, strange movements – this is what man associates Yoga with. He feels embarrassed in a class and doesn’t dare to participate. He much rather can be found in the bodybuilding area lifting heavy weights pumping up his muscles. But what he doesn’t know is that there is so much more about Yoga than one might think.

Yoga is not just some weird looking movements and OM chanting. Yoga is a lifestyle full of self discipline and wisdom. It unifies body, mind, and emotions with everything else. It frees the thoughts from the senses, leads to self-awareness, and helps us to a meaningful and happy life. And even if the development of great strength and body forming is a requirement for many men, Yoga also offers this opportunity. A large variety of different exercises (Asanas) represents one part of the concept. Some of them are extremely difficult and require a lot of practise. In all aspects Yoga is very recommendable for every human being and represents a comprehensive way of life.

This Yoga Guide intends to give an understanding of the Yoga concept and philosophy in general and would like to encourage more modern society’s men to participate in and benefit from the practice of Yoga.

The Ashtanga Yoga Guide carries on with:

What is Yoga?

Yoga Guide (for men)

This Yoga Guide discusses the Yoga concept and philosophy and would also like to encourage more men to practice Yoga.