This workout plan for advanced athletes consists of exercises that are performed with the own body weight. You work out the entire body in a circuit training. You train 2 to 3 times per week performing 3 sets of each exercise.

Workout plan without machines for advanced athletes

Compared to weight training at the gym, within the training with the own body weight it is more difficult to differentiate between muscular endurance and muscle building. We rather focus on certain functionalities of the body and work out the muscles that perform these functions. But as our strength grows we can move on to more difficult variations until we reach a good level that can be maintained. We don’t have to stick with a soft training method anymore and can work out until muscle exhaustion or a rate of perceived exertion of hard.

Workout plan

For the workout plan the following exercises are recommendable in that order:

Back (latissimus)
Lat presses with lifted legs

Push-ups, regular version with narrow hand position

Bicycle crunch

Upper back
Reverse flys, lying on the floor, extended outward rotated arms

Triceps, chest
Dips on the floor or bench

Plank, both arms and feet on the ground

Thigh backside, butt, lower back
Glute bridges, one leg raises alternately

Bicep curls, concentration curls against leg resistance

Legs (thigh front)

Before the actual workout it is recommendable to warm up the body for approximately 10 minutes. At the gym we could do this on the cross trainer or ergometer. At home we usually don’t have such equipment. If you have the time you could go for a walk at increased pace or take a short tour on the bicycle. If you don’t have the chance to warm up like this you could just go with the specific warm-up. Here, we perform one set of exercises at medium intensity for every muscle group we want to train that day. You could also prepare your joints and locomotor system for the coming training with mobility exercises, like rotations with the shoulders, arms, and hip. Also lifting and bending the legs lightly helps to get the body in training mode.

After the workout we can add a light endurance training of 10 to 30 minutes that helps us to actively regenerate. This could again be a walk outside at increased pace (or Nordic Walking) or a tour on the bicycle.

According to your personal objectives it is recommendable to add one or two endurance training sessions per week of 30 to 60 minutes. This could be outside on the bicycle, a running track or Nordic Walking. Work out at a rate of perceived exertion of medium to medium-to-hard.

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Here you will find a workout plan on the machine for advanced athletes.

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Workout plan advanced without machines

Workout plan advanced without machines

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