Why warm up before exercise? Warming up protects the body from injuries and helps us to let go from things that occupy our minds. Everyone should limber up appropriately before the actual workout.

Why warm up before exercise? – basically

The warm up before the exercise is very reasonable and helps us to perform a successful workout. Warming up probably is even more important from a psychological point of view as it is for our physique itself. It helps us to ease the mind and let go from mental strains. We can foster our motivation for the training and direct our attention to our body and motions.

Also the heart, the cardiovascular system, the muscles, the connective tissue, and the joints get ready to perform. The coordination improves during warm up sets and our joints and muscles are being prepared for the upcoming strains. All mentioned effects also increase the protection against injuries.

Why warm up before exercise? – types

We can distinguish two different types of warm up before the exercise – a general and a specific warm up. Within the general session we usually perform a smooth endurance training of around 10 minutes. The cross trainer or the rowing machine are very suitable for the general warm up. Besides the cardiovascular system we can activate our arms and legs as well. A light stretch right after fosters the mobility.

The specific warm up is very important before the strength exercise and should be performed in any case. The respective exercises depend on the workout you intend to perform. You could go with one light set for each muscle group. This could be a pressing exercise (bench press, push ups, etc.), a pulling exercise (lat pull down, rowing, etc.) and a complex exercise for the lower body (squats, leg press, etc.). Or you could perform one warm up set with light weights of each exercise you work out.


There is good reason why we should warm up before exercise. Besides preparing our body physically by activating our cardiovascular and locomotor systems it helps our mind to let go and get ready.

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Why warm up before exercise

Why warm up before exercise? Warming up protects the body from injuries. Learn why and how to warm up.

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