What counts is the will! – First of all you have to realize that it can be a long journey to reach your training goals. Physical changes attune very slowly over time. The presented approach of health promotion focuses on the “human resource” and represents a lifelong process. It is intended to reach training objectives on a long-term basis. During this process the body will approach its equilibrium.

What counts is the will!

Your personal will determines the outcome of the process. The ones who are not able to develop the necessary will are most likely to fail in the long run. Every good concept loses its effect if it is not implemented with the right amount of conviction. It is up to you to make your goals come true. This guide is providing support and orientation to integrate a health-oriented fitness training into your life. The necessary will needs to be added by yourself.

The Fitness Guide carries on with:

Define your training objectives

What counts is the will

What counts is the will! Without the necessary will you are most likely to fail in the long run. Learn to develop the right will.

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