Weight training to lose weight is the only way to reach the body shape you desire sustainably. Muscles burn calories and fat non stop and form your body in and athletic way. Whereas a slimming cure causes a lot of negative stress to your body and leads to a downward spiral.

Weight training to lose weight – muscle power

A health-oriented weight training is the only way to lose weight sustainably that has been proven. The more muscles we can build the more fat will be reduced. This is a very helpful mechanism. Fat is just sitting there not burning any calories and looking very unattractive. Its purpose is to save energy for bad times. These bad times are most likely to not come in our world of food oversupply. So we can do pretty good with a little less fat on our bodies.

Muscles are very active and require a lot of energy. They burn calories all the time even when we sleep. The more muscles we have the higher our basal metabolic rate becomes. Furthermore, muscles are the most important factor that forms and shapes our body. A well pronounced musculature makes us look way more attractive. If we perform a strength training without changing our eating habits we could already witness significant changes.

Weight training to lose weight – comprehensive approach

Many don’t want to perform a weight training to lose weight but rather choose a diet for fast success. A diet, or better slimming cure is a bad approach to get rid of your overweight. It will certainly make you lose weight but this will not only be fat. The weight you will lose with a slimming cure consists of approximately 50% fat and 50% muscles (and of course a lot of water). Losing muscles causes your basal metabolic rate to drop and leads you to a downward spiral. You now have to eat even less to maintain your weight. Please read diet to lose weight for more details.

In other words with a weight training to lose weight we are able to keep our eating habits and even achieve positive changes. But a comprehensive approach also includes a healthy and balanced nutrition. More plant-based proteins, carbohydrates, and fibres and less sugar and fat should be consumed. We should also do without sugary drinks and go with water. Please read basics of nutrition to learn more about this topic.

Weight training to lose weight – positive effects

A health-oriented weight training not only helps you to lose weight but has many more positive effects. Our performance level increases and we are less likely to get sick. Muscles support our locomotor system and spares our joints. It helps us to cope with the negative effects of the aging process (strength and weight training for seniors), improves our mobility, and makes us feel more vital. And also women who are often scared of strength training benefit from the positive effects (weight and strength training for women). Please read effects of strength training to learn more.


To sum up a health-oriented weight training is the best way to lose weight sustainably. Our entire body benefits from a well pronounced musculature that improves our quality of life.


Weight training to lose weight

Weight training to lose weight is the only way to reach the body shape you desire sustainably. Learn how it works right here.

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