Weight and strength training for women is very important. Muscles represent the most relevant factor in terms of body forming and shape. And only a well pronounced musculature can prevent us from back, neck, knee, or hip problems.

Weight and strength training for women – evil muscles

Many women are scared of weight or strength training and try to avoid this kind of exercise. They don’t want to build up more muscles what, according to their opinion, would make women look too masculine. One reason for this thinking is the existing lack of knowledge. Another reason are body building women with huge amounts of muscles that can be seen on pictures, TV, etc. Such athletes own a specific genetic background that allows them to build up strength and muscles quite easily. Some of them might have also taken certain substances that support the muscle building process. But there is no reason to be scared of working out your strength if performed healthily.

Weight and strength training for women – good muscles

We shouldn’t fear too many muscles but too little muscles. A health-oriented weight or strength training benefits to everyone’s well-being, also women’s. A well pronounced musculature is the most important factor that helps us to reach the shape and body forming we desire. Without muscles our body is without outline and not very attractive. No matter if men or women, solely weight and strength training enables us to achieve a firm and well pronounced body shape at any age. And it supports and spares our joints to prevent back, neck, knee, hip, or similar problems.

Weight and strength training for women – in fact

Even if women would perform a weight and strength training like exercising men, they would not be able to build up the same amount of muscles. Women have much less of the natural and muscle building hormone testosterone. So an intense workout program for women would still just cause a moderate gain of muscles. Expert investigations have shown that on average the circumference of the upper arm, the thigh, or the waist even has decreased after a 10 weeks training (Boeckh-Behrens, Buskies 2008).


There is no reason why women shouldn’t perform a weight or strength training. Our musculature protects our organs and spares our locomotor system. A health-oriented strength training helps our body to get in a better shape and in many cases reduces the circumference of our extremities.


Weight and strength training for women

Weight and strength training for women is important. But many women shun the exercise. Learn why they shouldn’t!

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