The training weights represent the most important factor to drive the training intensity. And it is still just one determinant that regulates how intense your workout becomes.

Training weights

The training weights not just are the most important factor for the training intensity but also for the effectiveness of the exercise. The more weight we are able to overcome the higher the tension in our muscles will be. But, considered from a similar strength level, with an increasing weight the number of repetition per set decreases. This means that the single repetition will be more intense but we won’t get in the area of muscle tension as often as we would with lower weights. So the number of repetitions also is important. The more time we can spend in the area of high muscle tension the more effective our workout will become.

We should choose training weights that we are able to overcome in a clean and controlled way. This isn’t a problem when we workout our muscular endurance. Here, the weights are at a level that allow us to perform between 15 and 25 repetitions per set. But if we go for muscle building (8 to 15 repetitions) or even maximal strength (1 to 3 repetitions) we choose much higher weights. Please always pay attention to the exercise form. You should always be able to keep a clean execution and a clean breathing. Going for maximal weights also is quite unhealthy. Besides press breathing we face the risk of injuries or premature wear.


So basically the more weights we can overcome the more intense and effective our training will be. But at a certain level with an increasing weight the risk of injuries and premature wear increases as well. To learn about the other factors that drive the training intensity please read the article training intensity.


training weights

The training weights are the most important factor for the training intensity and effectiveness. Learn to drive your workout with the right weight.

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