Shoulder muscles: The shoulder represents the most mobile joint of the human body. It gives the arm a huge range of motion. But without a pronounced musculature the shoulder joint is very instable.

The shoulder muscles – deltoid

The shoulder consists of two major muscle groups – the deltoid and the rotator cuff. The deltoid (musculus deltoideus) is the cap that covers the entire shoulder and is responsible for its round shape. It is involved in all movements of the shoulder and consists of a front, a middle, and a back portion. The front part lifts the arm to the front and above, rotates it inwards, and helps to pull it towards the body. The middle part lifts the arm sidewards and the back part lifts it backwards and rotates it outwards.

The shoulder muscles – rotator cuff

Besides several other muscles the rotator cuff rotates the shoulder inwards and outwards. Involved in the inward rotation are the musculus pectoralis major, the musculus latissimus dorsi, the front part of the deltoid, and two muscles of the rotator cuff – the teres major and the subscapularis. Involved in the outward rotation are the back part of the deltoid and three other parts of the rotator cuff – the teres minor, the infraspinatus, and the supraspinatus. Along with their motion functions the muscles of the rotator cuff are extremely important for the stability of the upper arm inside of the shoulder joint.

The shoulder muscles – training and daily life

The space inside of the shoulder is very narrow. All muscles, tendons, ligaments, and synovial bursas have their exact position. Wear, irritations, and injuries in that area can be very painful and long lasting. Inflammations and calcifications happen quite easily. In order to prevent such complaints and to realize a comprehensive training it is recommendable to perform specific exercises for the rotator cuff along with the training for the rest of the shoulder muscles.

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The shoulder muscles

The shoulder represents the most mobile joint of the human body and the shoulder muscles are extremely important for its stability. Learn more.

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