What is the right body weight? It is well-known that obesity stresses the entire body greatly. On the one hand the cardiovascular system is challenged a lot more and on the other hand the locomotor system has to cope with much larger loads. But also very skinny people suffer several problems. The missing substance causes a weakened immune system and due to a lack of muscles the joints will be stressed much more.

The right body weight – feel it

The right body weight lies in between these two extremes. Luckily, this area is quite large. Everyone has his or her personal “weight of well-being” what sets in when we eat “normal” (without thinking about it). It is recommendable to pursue this weight. This is about your body’s own feeling again. If we teach ourselves to develop a good sensibility there isn’t much that we can do wrong – no matter in terms of training or nutrition.

The food industry makes is very difficult for us. We are facing a permanent oversupply of products that are spoiled with sugar and fat. But it is on us to analyze the provided goods carefully and to think about the stuff we buy. In most cases it is quite easy to evaluate the products by the nutritional value and to choose accordingly.

The right body weight – measurement methods

If you don’t want to rely on your own body feelings solely to achieve the right body weight it is also possible to measure the volume or skin fold thickness of the individual parts of the body. In that matter different risk values were already identified (see Buskies W./Boeckh-Behrens W. (2014)). There are also scales that provide quite good approaches in the determination of the composition of the body using electrical conductivity. But the results can be quite inaccurate. There are also different indexes. The body-mass-index (BMI) for instance gives a first idea. But the BMI doesn’t apply for people who do weight training. Because of the increased muscle proportion the index will give incorrect results.

In other words a high weight isn’t necessarily harmful. It is about the structure of the body. With a high muscle proportion heavy people can be very healthy. But it is clear that a high weight due to obesity is bad for our health.



At this point the Fitness Guide ends. I appreciate the chance to follow you on your way of health oriented fitness. But the story isn’t over yet. On this site you will find a lot more interesting articles about fitness and health. I would be glad to see you here every once in a while.


The right body weight

The right body weight is not too hard to achieve. You don’t even have to watch your eating habits too carefully. Learn how it works.

The right body weight

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