The fitness concept – It’s all about the mix!
What keeps healthy? This is the major question of a health-oriented fitness concept. Its answer consists of several components. It is necessary to consider the body in its entirety. The goal is to increase the resistance against harmful influences to keep the body balanced. Such influences can be stress, harmful substances from the environment, alcohol, etc.

The fitness concept – the mix

Health-promoting measures will strengthen the resistance of the body. A fitness concept comprises a composition of endurance, strength and recreation training. It has been proven that a training of these components leads to a better physical and mental well-being and lowers the risk of sickening. Positive side effects are the reduction of weight, body forming, an improved looks, etc.

The fitness concept – the nutrition

Many forget about nutrition in that context. Our consumption habits have an important share in the promotion of our health. But we don’t necessarily need a nutrition plan to achieve our goals. Paying attention to a few fundamental rules (see Basics of nutrition) already helps to supply the body in an appropriate way and reduces the intake of harmful substances. “You are what you eat” is a very true quote that should be considered.

The mentioned components will be illustrated successively and consolidated to a manageable fitness concept. Exemplary workout plans support the understanding.

The Fitness Guide carries on with:

What counts is the will!

The fitness concept

A fitness concept consits of several components. Here, you learn how they consolidate to a health-oriented fitness training.

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