The butt muscles are involved in almost all kinds of locomotion and belong to the muscle group of the abductors. Additionally, from an esthetic point of view quite some importance can be attached to the butt muscles that give the buttock its shape.

The butt muscles – importance

The buttocks consists of three major muscles. The gluteus maximus which by volume is the largest muscle of the human body, the gluteus medius which is partially covered by the gluteus maximus, and the gluteus minimus which is covered by the gluteus medius. All muscles are involved in a large variety of movements.

The butt muscles – gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the strongest extensor of the hip joint and stabilizes the thigh in extension and the pelvis in standing position. It prevents the upper body from tipping over to the front what ensures the upright walking position. Standing, it also supports the abdominal muscles and the thigh back by straightening up the pelvis. It furthermore rotates the leg outwards, abducts the leg from, and adducts the leg towards the body.

The butt muscles – gluteus medius and minimus

Together with the gluteus minimus the gluteus medius abducts the thigh sidewards and stabilizes the pelvis during the walk. The front parts of the gluteus medius and minimus also rotate the thigh inwards and flex it. The back parts rotate the thigh outwards and stretch it.

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The butt muscles

The butt muscles are involved in almost all kinds of locomotion and also are quite important from an esthetic point of view. Learn more.

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