The back muscles are extremely important for the stability and mobility of the spine. Also, in terms of esthetics an increased amount of significance can be attached to this group.

The back muscles – erector spinae

The back muscles consist of three major parts – the musculus erector spinae, the musculus trapezius, and the musculus latissimus dorsi. The musculus erector spinae consists of many muscles of different sizes running along the vertebral column from the back of the head down to the pelvis. An upper, a middle, and a bottom part can be distinguished. Besides its hold and support function it erects the torso from a bending forward position, bends the torso to the side, rotates the vertebral column, bends and tilts the head, and rotates the neck.

The back muscles – trapezius

The musculus trapezius (as part of the shoulder girdle) covers the upper part of the back and is divided into an upper descending, a middle transverse, and a lower ascending part. Underneath the Musculus trapezius the Musculus rhomboideus major and minor can be found. The upper descending part of the trapezius pulls the shoulder upwards and the lower ascending part pulls the shoulder downwards. The middle transverse part as well as both rhomboideus muscles pull the shoulder backwards and are very important in terms of body posture and prevent the back from being hunched.

The back muscles – latissimus dorsi

The musculus latissimus dorsi probably represents the most popular back muscle by giving it its V-shape. It is the largest muscle of the entire body in terms of surface area. The latissimus dorsi lowers the arm from uphold position, pulls the arm towards the body, and supports its inwards rotation.

The back muscles – training and daily life

The erector spinae and the trapezius are extremely important for the stability of the upper body. During the training of these parts of the back muscles it is essential to not go for the highest intensity but to focus on painlessness, ease of complaints, mobility, and stability.

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The back muscles

The back muscles are extremely important for the stability and mobility of the spine and play a significant role in terms of esthetics. Learn more!

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