The arm muscles: In terms of esthetics especially for men a high importance can be attached to the muscles of the arms. But also for our daily lives the arms play a significant role and are involved in almost all actions we take.

The arm muscles – importance and function

There are three essential flexors of the elbow joint. The most famous arm muscle is the musculus biceps brachii. This muscle has two heads and pulls the arm towards the body, brings it to the front, and rotates it so that the palm of the hand points upwards. The second flexor of the upper arm is the musculus brachialis and can be found right beside the biceps towards the outside.

The largest muscle of the forearm is the musculus brachioradialis which represents the third flexor of the elbow joint. It also rotates the forearm towards both sides until its midposition. There are also many other forearm muscles classified in a top layer and a deep layer that mostly are responsible for movements of the wrist and fingers.

The only extensor of the elbow joint is the musculus triceps brachii. It consists of a long, a medial, and a lateral head. The long head also leads the arm backwards and pulls the arm towards the body.

The arm muscles – workout and daily life

The arm muscles are tensed in almost all exercises for back, chest, shoulders, and arms itself. And as mentioned before we use our arms in almost all physical activities of our daily lives. Overstraining can happen quite easily what could cause irritations and injuries (for instance the tennis elbow). It is important to take enough time for recreation of the arm muscles.

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The arm muscles

Trained arm muscles are very esthetic. And involved in almost all daily life activities a high importance can be attached to these muscles. Learn more.

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