Abdominal muscles: The visible parts of the abdominal musculature mainly are the musculus rectus abdominis (the abdominals or abs) and the external abdominal oblique muscle. Hidden under these two are the internal abdominal oblique muscle, the transverse abdominal muscle (obliques) and the musculus quadratus lumborum (deep muscles of the back).

The abdominal muscles – importance and Function

A very high importance can be attached to the abdominal muscles. They stabilize the pelvis and relieve the spine what has a major impact on the body posture. In this way the abs can prevent a hollow back and relieve the intervertebral discs. Together with its antagonist, the lower back extensor, the abdominals form a corset around the torso that protects the organs. This muscle group also contributes significantly to the esthetic of the body. A visible six-pack (if not hidden under a fat layer) is a very desirable shape. These aspects can be fostered by a distinctive abdominal musculature what make their training essential.

The abdominal muscles – workout

All abs exercises train all parts of the abdominals. But the proportions differ between the individual exercises so it is possible to emphasize desired parts. The straight part (rectus abdominis) flexes the spine and erects the upper body in supine position. The oblique and transverse parts are responsible for the rotation of the torso. Both, the abdominal musculature and the lower back extensor should be trained on a balanced ratio.

The abdominal muscles – hollow back

Attention needs especially be paid to exercises that strain the hip flexors as well. The hip flexors are usually stronger than the abdominals but support a hollow back. This will intensify the abs training. When you tend to move towards a hollow back during the exercise it is recommendable to abort the set. Working out with a hollow back frequently can cause damages to the intervertebral discs. It is also advisable to tense the abdominal muscles when lifting heavy objects what also can avoid damages of the spine.

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The abdominal muscles

A very high importance can be attached to the abdominal muscles. The workout of this muscle group is essential. Learn why.

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