Stretching is very important. The muscle shortening already begins at an early age. The older we grow the farther these mobility limitations extend. A regular stretch training of just a few minutes will help us to reach and maintain a good mobility level.

Stretching – effects

Stretching increases the stretch capability of the muscle what improves the mobility. And there is another intriguing effect. Every stretch training is strength training at the same time. The strain on the stretched muscle is so intense that it strengthens the muscle as well. That is why many sports scientists attach more importance to stretch than to strength training.

Stretching – when?

Stretching can be performed with the strength or endurance training or in separate sessions. After the workout it not just contributes to the mobility. It also helps to ease the mind and calm down the body. Before a strength or endurance workout it is recommended to not or just smoothly stretch. Follow the link to learn about the types of stretching.

Intense stretching decreases the capability of the muscle temporarily. The same applies when muscle soreness occurs or is to be expected. Strong stretching puts heavy strains on the muscle what could increase the muscle soreness.

Stretching – intensity

Hobby sportsmen and -women usually can’t exaggerate the stretch training. Extreme mobility can cause instabilities within the joints. But this mostly is an issue that artists or similar groups that require excessive stretch sessions have to cope with. The majority of the population shows a low level of mobility and doesn’t have to deal with that problem.

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Stretching is important. The majority of the population shows a low level of mobility. Learn how to stretch the right way.

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