Strength training for beginners – Setting in: Beginners have no or just very little experience in strength training. For that reason it is important to start out smoothly and to familiarize with the training surroundings. Take your time to pick up the basic techniques and develop a feeling for the own body under exertion. This process will take between 4 to 6 training sessions.

Strength training for beginners – Setting in

If you perform your strength training on machines at the gym the best for the beginning are machines with clearly defined motion sequences. But there are also many exercises that use the own body weight. Both types of exercises can easily be combined within your workout plan.

A membership at a gym is not absolutely necessary. I personally like working out at a gym because of the social environment. Also, the motivation is much higher compared to a workout by yourself at home. For the training itself I prefer exercising with my own body weight.

All essential muscle groups can be trained time efficiently within a circuit training, which I recommend. During the adaptation period all exercises should be completed in 1 to 2 sets of 15 to 25 repetitions each. Here, each set should be aborted way before exhaustion at a rate of perceived exertion of medium. This refers to the soft training method. The right exertion (weight at the machine) can be found out easily by trying out. Within the strength training for beginners all exercises are to be executed over the entire motion amplitude.

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Strength training for beginners – Training

Strength training for beginners - Setting in

Strength training for beginners: It is important to familiarize with the training surroundings at the beginning. Here, you learn how.

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