Strength training for beginners – Preparation: During the strength training the body is temporarily exposed to high exertion causing the blood pressure and heart rate to go up significantly. Possible physical limitations should be revealed in advance.But no need to worry! In most cases there are none. But in individual cases a medical examination could be necessary.

Strength training for beginners – basics

Putting a strength training into practice mostly repetitions and sets are being applied. A repetition refers to the one-time execution of a particular exercise or motion. A set constitutes the sum of all repetitions within one run without break.

Every workout should start with a warm-up. 10 minutes of light endurance training followed by a smooth warm-up-set (10 to 15 repetitions) for each muscle group that is intended to be trained will do. Likewise, after the workout a cool-down (10 minutes of light endurance training) is recommended to calm down the body. Even better would be an extended session of light endurance training to increase the oxygen intake what shortens the regeneration time.

Strength training for beginners – pay attention

It is important to pay attention to a correct execution of the single exercises from the beginning. What is being picked up wrongly will be very hard to change later on. Also be prepared to apply a certain degree of regularity. Ideally, you workout 2 to 3 times a week.

Working out with sore muscles is not recommended. This could have negative effects on the muscle development in the long run. Also, it is important to keep a proper breathing during exercise. Holding breath during the exercise or attempting press breathing (exhalation against closed airways) should be avoided.

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Strength training for beginners – Setting in

Strength training for beginners - Preparation

Strength training for beginners: It is important to prepare for your strength training. Here, you learn how.

Strength training for beginners – Preparation

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