Muscle group:   The leg muscles, the butt muscles, the back muscles, complex exercises

Trained muscle:   Thigh backside, butt muscles, lower back muscles

Fitness level:   Beginner, advanced, experienced

Type of training:   Own body weight exercises

Stiff man represents an effective workout for the entire backside of the body. Especially the back thigh, the buttocks, and the lower back will be trained with this exercise.

Stiff man

Performing the stiff man we begin in supine position lying on the floor. Our legs are stretched and closed. We bring the arms to the side pulling them onto the body. We now tense the entire body to become completely stiff. Now smoothly lift up the pelvis from the ground. A few centimetres are enough. Your feet and shoulders press into the floor. You could also practise the stiff man with your feet elevated on a bench, chair, etc. or have a training partner lift you up holding on to your ankles.

The exercise becomes easier in prone position. Bring your arms stretched above your head with the hands on top of each other. Lift your arms from the ground tensing the abdominals and the buttocks. To intensify this variation you could either press with your hands against an insurmountable barrier from below (like the wall bars, a heater, etc.) or have a partner holding on to your hands from above. This variation also involves the muscles of the middle back.

A quite familiar exercise of the stiff man in supine position are the glute bridges.

Antagonist: Rectus abdominis, thigh front

Stretching: Lower back stretches, glute stretches, back thigh stretches

Stiff man

Stiff man

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