Sore muscle relief and treatment: Unfortunately there are no (home) remedies for sore muscles or things like that. We have to wait until the muscle soreness has healed before we can work out intensely again.

Sore muscle relief and treatment – causes and definition

Sore muscle relief and treatment: Muscle soreness occurs quite often. Especially when people work out for the first time, pick up their training again after a break, add new exercises to their program, or work out very intensely the muscles get sore. According to experts an increased risk of muscle soreness exists for eccentrically performed exercises.

Sore muscles are referred to very small muscles fiber tears or injuries. We can feel a muscle pain in the respective area. Muscle fibers do not contain pain receptors. That is why the muscle pain doesn’t come immediately and can take up to one day to occur. This is when the pain causing substances reach the pain receptors that are located outside of the muscle fibers. After a few hours the muscle fibers also begin to swell. This could cause some pain as well.

Sore muscle relief and treatment – remedy and prevention

There are no such things as sore muscle relief, treatment or (home) remedies. We have to wait until the muscle soreness has healed. Sore muscles are small injuries that need to get fixed by our body. I am convinced that this healing process will be supported by a healthy lifestyle. A good physical and mental condition caused by a healthy nutrition and a health-oriented fitness training should speed up the healing process. But there are no studies to prove that. Besides, sore muscles heal pretty fast within a few days. So there is no need to worry.

But you should not work out hardly, stretch intensely, receive a massage, or anything similar when your muscles are sore. Warmth and smooth activity ease the symptoms of muscle soreness what mainly is the pain. So take a bath or go for a walk to relax. In terms of muscle soreness prevention you could choose a more gentle way to work out. Perform your sets not until the very last possible repetition and abort at a rate of perceived exertion of medium-to-hard. It has yet not coherently been proven that sore muscles are an indicator for the effectiveness of the training. But a touch of soreness a day after the workout indicates an intense training.


Sore muscles are an injury. We can ease the symptoms with warmth and smooth activity but have to wait for the soreness to heal. A gentle training prevents our muscles from getting sore but there is no relief or treatment.


Sore muscle relief and treatment

There is no sore muscle relief or treatment. Learn why there are no (home) remedies for sore muscle!

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