Muscle group:   The abdominal muscles

Trained muscle:   All parts of the abdominal muscles

Focused muscle:   Rectus abdominis (straight abdominal muscle)

Fitness level:   Advanced, experienced

Type of training:   Own body weight exercises

Reverse crunch is an exercise that belongs to the family of the abdominal crunches. But instead of the upper body we lift up the legs and especially the pelvis to activate the abdominal muscles.

Reverse crunch

The reverse crunch is a moderate exercise for the abdominals. Compared with the (regular) abdominal crunch the activation of the lower ab muscles cannot be increased with its reverse version. But it helps us to actively practise the erection of the pelvis.

Reverse crunches begin in supine position. Our legs are raised from the ground with our knees bent at approximately 90°. We actively erect the pelvis pushing our knees upwards. The pelvis slightly raises from and moves back to the ground alternatingly. Make sure to lift up the pelvis solely with your muscle strength. Avoid fast or sudden movements as well as working out with momentum.

To intensify the reverse crunch hold the pelvis at the highest position performing very small up and down impulses. Keep breathing calmly and avoid press breathing (exhalation against closed airways).

Total crunch

The total crunch refers to the combination of the abdominal crunch with the reverse crunch. Again, compared to abdominal crunches, with its total version unfortunately the intensity will not be increased. But with the focus on lifting upper body and pelvis to the same time, it allows us to improve our coordination.

Performing total crunches we could either roll up the upper body and raise the pelvis simultaneously. Or we could keep the pelvis lifted moving up and down with the upper body and vice versa. Please never hold your breath and keep breathing calmly.

Familiar exercises represent the bicycle crunch, variations of the ab crunch, sit-ups, and as mentioned the abdominal crunch.

Antagonist: Lower back muscles

Stretching: Abdominal stretches

Reverse crunch variations

Reverse crunch variations

Total crunch variations

Total crunch variations

Total crunch variations

Total crunch variations

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