Recreation training represents another very important element of the fitness and health framework. Most people have to cope with great tensions during their daily lives that can verifiably cause diseases (especially psychologically) and weaken the immune system. Stress, time pressure, overload, fear and excessive requirements are just a few examples. The weekend and the daily sleep as our given recovery periods are not enough anymore to compensate all these strains.

Recreation training – effects

An active recreation training helps us to develop the mental conditions to cope with such tensions. Good measures are the creation of more joy and positive feelings throughout our day. It is about blinding out negative thoughts and dealing with problems more loosely. Pleasant music or a walk outside are examples that can support this process. But also sports help us to better handle or even relieve tensions. In addition, there are various recreation techniques and methods, like yoga, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenous training.

Recreation training – classes

An active recreation training can protect us against several diseases that are a result of our fast moving world. Different recreation techniques can be looked up in Buskies W./Boeckh-Behrens W. (2014). There are also classes offered by the Inline Akademie.


Recreation training

An active recreation training is important in our fast moving world of stress and time pressure. Learn how to relax.

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