Press breathing: Exhalation against closed airways can be very dangerous and should be avoided.

Exhalation against closed airways – press breathing

Exhalation against closed airways during the workout especially occurs at high loads (maximum strength) or towards the end of a set at exhaustion. In such situations it is almost impossible to keep the body stable at normal breathing. Press breathing refers to the strong exhalation against purposely closed airways to build up pressure inside of the chest. This breathing method stabilizes the shoulder girdle as well as the vertebral column and allows us to perform clean repetitions at high loads and exhaustion.

Exhalation against closed airways causes high pressure what keeps the blood from flowing from and back to the heart. This can be perceived by a blushing face and swelling head veins. Also the blood circulation of the heart and the brain is cut back. This worsens the situation of the cardiovascular system as well as the respiratory status. The described condition can cause serious damages.

Exhalation against closed airways – Consequences

Press breathing is especially dangerous for people of higher ages (beyond 35 years), with high blood pressure, or with cardiovascular problems. It can cause hernia, cardiac arrhythmia, collapses, angina pectoris attacks, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Younger people without the mentioned problems usually tolerate press breathing without consequences. To prevent exhalation against closed airways we should avoid workouts at high strains by choosing lower weights and aborting the respective set at a body’s own feeling of exertion of hard.


Press breathing-exhalation against closed airways

Press breathing: Exhalation against closed airways can get very dangerous and should be avoided. Learn the details.

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