Inactivity and a poor diet represent major reasons for health-related restrictions and problems. In accordance with the principle of salutogenesis I as your personal trainer would like to make an active contribution to your state of health in order to prevent physical problems or illness as good as possible. A regular health-oriented strength and endurance training increases your well being as well as your performance and enables you to live a healthy lifestyle. With me you have two possibilities:

  • You can practice autonomously with the Fitness Guide on this website,
  • you can find your own way using the literature at the bottom of this article (which I recommend) or
  • you can engage me as your personal trainer in online coaching sessions.

Personal trainer in online coaching – what to expect?

I am not going to reinvent the wheel or go in line with the ever latest fitness trends. And I am not going to overuse the terms training methods or concepts, even though I might drop them every once in a while. What I am going to try is understand your wishes, goals, and potential problems and create an individual exercise plan in a pragmatic way. I will show you what did and did not work for me for the past 15+ years in my private training. Doing so we mainly practice without machines, but with the help of everyday tools if necessary.

The knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle is accessible to everybody and can be obtained by everyone. You don’t need me for that. That is why I much rather understand myself as motivator and companion on your very individual journey of putting this knowledge into practice on a long term basis. In your personal training I try to coach you holistically, covering the exercises, your nutrition as well as psychological aspects. Especially personal responsibility and self-discipline are capacities of yours that we jointly want to reinforce.

My objective as your personal trainer in online coaching

As a teenager I had lots of overweight. But I found my way to a healthy and physically active life and maintain it ever since, persistently, with small exceptions, which we should allow ourselves every once in a while as human beings. It is my goal as your personal trainer to empower you to achieve such a lifestyle and to sustain it just by yourself some day without any help, especially not mine. I can just lead you the way. You will have to walk it yourself. With me on your side. Though, it is your part to develop self-regulation and discipline at some point.

My preferred target group are beginners in the sports and fitness area. I am not suited for competitive athletes or bodybuilders. Notice: I pursue the approach of a health-oriented fitness training. Performance and appearance are meant to be improved, but this is not the main focus. In addition, I do not work with specified diet plans. Important for me is to develop a feeling for a good nutrition within yourself and that you learn to sense the real needs of your body.

Strength training

A regular strength training makes the everyday life much easier and protects the joints from premature wear. Moreover, a strengthened musculature burns an increased amount of calories, which helps to lose weight. This doesn’t mean that we all have to become bodybuilders. But a basic strengthening of your muscles on the scale of an average consumer might very well seem reasonable. Here, we mainly focus on the large muscle groups, like the legs, the back, or the chest. As an alternative to machine training, there are many exercises in different levels of difficulty that can be executed with the own body weight. This is what I focus on.

Endurance training

When it comes to cardiovascular training, running seems like the most fundamental thing to do. Regular sessions lower the heart rate sustainably, which leads to an extended life span. But don’t worry if you are not a runner yet. In your personal training we begin very slowly with fast walks and build in jogging sections gradually. In the training I will advise you in terms of running technique and your range of exercise load. What you have to know is, that I am not a professional runner myself. I have been running in private for many years in my own training and am self educated in that area. But also as instructor for indoor cycling classes since 2011 I could learn some lessons. So the bike also is a suitable tool for your endurance training.

Stretching, recreation and meditation

Stretching actually is more important than strength training. Not only will your mobility and flexibility increase. When you stretch your musculature will get stronger as well. And for each muscle group there are stretching exercises that can be executed quite easily within just a few minutes. But we can also go for more intense stretching sessions. As Yoga teacher I know a number of useful exercises. And also a concluding recreation or meditation session is possible in your personal training.

Costs of your personal training in online coaching

My hourly rate (60 minutes) is 60 €. Included is the regular preparation and follow-up work. More elaborate assessments, like nutritional advice or specific exercise plans, could be reason for some additional costs. Our first consultation is on me.

If you are interested, just send me an email:
fitmachtgesund [at]

And for your private studies a few books that helped me:

  • Fitness-Gesundheits-Training – Die besten Übungen und Programme für das ganze Leben: Wolfgang Buskies / Wend-Uwe Boeckh-Behrens, 2009
  • Supertrainer Beine und Po: Wolfgang Buskies / Wend-Uwe Boeckh-Behrens, 2009
  • Supertrainer Rücken: Wolfgang Buskies / Wend-Uwe Boeckh-Behrens, 2009
  • Supertrainer Schultern, Arme, Brust: Wolfgang Buskies / Wend-Uwe Boeckh-Behrens, 2009
  • Supertrainer Bauch: Wolfgang Buskies / Wend-Uwe Boeckh-Behrens, 2010
  • You Are Your Own Gym – The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises: Mark Lauren, 2011
  • Becoming a Supple Leopard – The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic: Kelly Starrett, 2015

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