No pain no gain vs. soft training: There are different ways to work out. In most cases we can witness athletes performing their exercises until the very last possible repetition (muscle exhaustion). But this actually is not always necessary. Also with soft training methods we can achieve a significant muscle growth.

No pain no gain vs. soft training

No pain no gain” is the motto of many athletes. Working out until muscle exhaustion is the goal of each and every performed set. For experienced sportsmen and -women of good health this is a quite reasonable approach. The longer we have been working out, the slower the progress of our training results becomes. This means that beginners are able to improve their performance level much faster than experienced athletes.

Soft training at this stage is very recommendable. Here, we abort each set before muscle exhaustion at a rate of perceived exertion of medium-to-hard. With this training method especially beginners achieve very good results in terms of muscle growth that are almost on the same level as with a training until muscle exhaustion. It also spares our locomotor system with its joints, ligaments, etc.

Instead of no pain no gain especially beginners, children, older people, and people with complaints should go for soft training. This represents a health-oriented fitness approach and entails many positive effects. Learn more about training intensity.


No pain no gain vs. soft training

No pain no gain or soft training? Here you learn what kind of training is best for you!

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