Neck stretches are very easy to perform but should be exercised carefully to prevent neck problems.

Neck stretches lateral

Neck stretches can be practised in sitting or standing position for the lateral and the middle part of the upper back. For the lateral part bend your head sideward. The hand of that side holds on to your head increasing the tension slightly with your fingertips. The opposite shoulder pulls down. Intensify your stretching by holding on with your hand to the seating surface. Also stretch the other side of your neck.

Neck stretches middle

Neck stretches for the middle part of the upper back are being practised by bending your head forward. Intensify the tension by a well dosed pressure with your fingers on the back of your head. Feel a stretch tension in the neck and the upper back.

Please be careful when you stretch your neck! Avoid fast, sudden, and uncontrolled movements. Do not apply strong pressure onto your maximally bent cervical spine.

There are various types the stretching can be exercised. Please read types of stretching to learn about the different ways to stretch if required.


Neck stretches variations

Neck stretches variations

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