The muscles of the human body are all-rounders. It is fascinating what our musculature is able to do. Besides steering the locomotor system our more than 600 skeletal muscles have a lot of other very important functions.

Muscles of the human body – functions

The muscles of the human body are a continuous burner of fat. The more musculature our body consists of the higher is our basal metabolic rate. In other words: more muscles burn more calories – and this non stop. It is way easier to hold your body weight balanced or even lose weight with a decent musculature. Consequently, any weight loss program should contain strength training.

The muscles of the human body are responsible for the movement of our joints and protect them to the same time. Also back or joint problems can be prevented, eased or often even cured with a health-oriented strength training. And solely muscles are able to form and shape your body according to your preferences. Furthermore, strained muscles distribute large amounts of messenger substances that are supposed to influence our organs positively.

Muscles of the human body – bio-chemistry

According to Thielicke (2008) the muscles of the human body distribute several messenger substances and cause different other positive effects. Muscle training stimulates the connective tissue to produce more collagen that firms the skin. Moderate high blood pressure can be decreased. Different interleukins have several effects, like the inflammation inhibition, the protection from cell damages, the support of the immune system and an easier intake of blood sugar into the muscle cells what works against diabetes.

The muscles of the human body also foster the plasticity and performance of the brain. A certain protein (BDNT) supports the growth of the nerves. Especially on parts of the body where strength training already has caused a thick muscle layer, fat more likely seems to burn. So it might be possible that we could reduce fat on individual parts of the body and not just throughout the entire body as a whole.


The usage and maintenance of the muscles is essential for our health. If we take care of our muscles we can cause positive effects to almost all physical and mental processes. If we neglect our musculature we will lose performance and muscles and are more likely to get sick. To receive an overview of the muscles of the human body please follow the respective links below:

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Muscles of the human body

The muscles of the human body are all-rounders. Learn about the different muscles and their functions right here.

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