Lower back stretches are very important for the mobility of the lumbar spine. They are quite easy to perform and relax the entire body.

Lower back stretches

Lower back stretches can be exercised in different ways. A very easy way is seated on the floor. Your legs are bent and slightly opened. Bend forward with the upper body. Both arms slide under the legs grabbing your feet. Your back makes a curve and your nose is pulling downwards. Feel the stretch in your lower back. Intensify the stretch by actively pulling the upper body further down with your hands. This version can also be performed on a chair or bench and stretches the entire erector spinae (upper, middle, and lower part).

Lower back stretches can also be practised in supine position. Bring your opened legs as close as possible to your chest. The knees are far bent. Pull your legs actively to your chest with both arms. The butt raises from the ground. Keep your head lying flatly on the floor. This version can be intensified by bringing your lower legs straight upwards (knees still tightly on your chest) pulling them down with both hands grabbing your feet. Further intensify this variation by having a partner apply pressure to your legs (on the soles) from above.

Another way to stretch and also mobilize your lower back is in supine position. Both legs fall to the side. The bottom leg remains flat on the ground. The top leg first pulls up towards the chest. From here pull the leg down to the floor with your hand. The opposite arm remains flat on the ground pointing diagonally upwards to the other side. Your head follows keeping both shoulders flat on the floor. Also work out the other side. This variation represents a light stretching and a very good mobilization exercise for your lower back.

There are various types the stretching can be exercised. Please read types of stretching to learn about the different ways to stretch if required.


Lower back stretching variations

Lower back stretches variations


Lower back stretches variations

Lower back stretches variations

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