Iliopsoas stretch: Sportsmen and -women often stretch their iliopsoas in a suboptimal way. The iliopsoas is a pair of muscles (psoas major and iliacus) that represents the strongest hip flexor what should be stretched properly.

Iliopsoas stretch

Iliopsoas stretches begin with a wide lunge forward. The front knee is bent at an angle of larger than 90°. The other leg is stretched to the back. Bend your upper body maximally to the front. This brings the front leg as close to the chest as possible and erects the pelvis. Both hands rest on the floor on the inside of the front leg. Most parts of the body weight are carried by the arms to relieve the iliopsoas muscle. Now press the hip of the rear leg towards the floor and feel the stretching in your hip.

Very often we can see athletes performing iliopsoas stretches with erected upper body. In this way the pelvis remains loose what doesn’t allow us to achieve a sufficient stretching for these hip flexors.

To learn about the different stretching methods please read types of stretching.


Iliopsoas stretch 2

Iliopsoas stretch

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