How to get skinny arms? There are a lot of articles and suggestions trying to answer that question. Most of them promise fast results that are supposed to be achieved very easily. What’s the story behind it?

How to get skinny arms? – training

According to what I experienced the shape of the arms can be improved quite fast compared to other parts of the body. Exercises for the biceps and triceps let your muscles grow quickly what increases the definition as well. And also workouts for back or chest will strain your arms significantly and cause training effects.

But the question was: “How to get skinny arms?” Strength training increases the performance and looks of the arms but doesn’t really slim them. Actually the volume of your arms grows with the muscle workout. It requires a comprehensive approach to get thinner arms.

How to get skinny arms? – whole body

It usually doesn’t work to just lose weight at certain parts of the body. Losing weight solely works comprehensively throughout the entire body. This can be realized with a good nutrition and a health-oriented fitness training (see also The fitness concept – It’s all about the mix!)

It is also important to consider your genetics and past. Everyone has certain physical properties that are determined by the genetic material. It is possible to achieve quite a bit with a health-orient training and nutrition. But in principle we have to accept our body the way it is. And also people who suffered from obesity in the past will most likely be able to see that on their bodies. Even after losing weight overstretched skin can remain (e.g. on the back side of the upper arm)

The answer to the question How to get skinny arms is quite complex. Even though you can achieve training success pretty fast. In the long run it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach of which the entire body will benefit.


How to get skinny arms

How to get skinny arms? Improving the shape of your arms works quite fast. But getting skinny arms takes time. Learn why.

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