How to get a flat stomach? – On media we can see various methods that are supposed to lead us to a flat stomach. Most of them promise maximum results solely by doing stomach exercises. These forget about essential factors, such as nutrition or workouts for the whole-body to burn fat. The following article explains the way to a permanent flat stomach paying attention to all relevant factors.

How to get a flat stomach? – stomach exercises

Of course, a certain degree of stomach exercises should be on every training schedule. But you have to be aware that intense abdominal training extends the girth. Even though the muscle definition will increase, it remains covered by a fat layer of the abdominal wall. And this is where to start. You get a flat stomach by reducing fat throughout the entire body.

How to get a flat stomach? – nutrition

A healthy nutrition is essential. Your food should be low in fat and high in fiber. It is important to not consume carbs excessively and to avoid unhealthy carbs (such as industry sugar or wheat). Fat cells will absorb carbs that are not metabolized to give the stomach an undesirable form. In addition, it is very helpful to consume many (vegetable) proteins.

How to get a flat stomach? – body composition

Another very important point to answer the question of “How to get a flat stomach?” are strength exercises for the whole body. If the muscle mass increases, the energy demand of the body increases as well. As a result, every body movement will be performed at a higher rate of energy consumption. In that way the endurance training becomes much more efficient, what represents another very important component. Two to three endurance sessions of one to two hours could be sought per week.

How to get a flat stomach? – time

Body forming takes some time. Especially getting a flat stomach permanently. It is necessary to convert several factors sustainably. Your body will react on these changes, but not immediately. When it does some opinions say that it will be from the top to the bottom. This would mean you will first lose fat in your face, then in the thoracic region and then on the stomach. At the end the fat would reduce on the butt and legs. But I am not sure if this is correct.

Following these basic rules the success will come. To what extend also depends on your genetic background. The question “How to get a flat stomach?” unfortunately cannot be answered with a sole list of stomach-exercises.

How to get a flat stomach

“How to get a flat stomach?” unfortunately cannot be answered with a sole list of stomach-exercises. Learn what really matters to achieve your goal.

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