How to build muscle for women” is an important question. The muscle building process works much slower for women compared to their masculine counterpart. Nevertheless also women need to pursue a pronounced musculature in order to form their bodies and prevent joint problems.

How to build muscle for women – basically

Building muscle for women is not as easy as it is for men. Women’s bodies contain much less of the natural muscle building hormone testosterone. Even if they perform an intense training program women will in most cases not be able to build muscles like their masculine counterpart. But even a moderate muscle growth is enough to shape the body and prevent from problems that come along with the aging process.

Many women are scared of building too much muscle what could make them appear too masculine. This attitude is without any reason. It is on the one hand caused by unawareness. On the other hand women get scared by pictures of very brawny female athletes that have been performing excessive muscle building. Such athletes do not represent the general public and have a specific genetic background that allows them to build up muscles and strength quite easily. Some of them also take muscle building substances to support the growth.

How to build muscle for women – importance

It is essential for everyone, also women, to build up muscles. A well pronounced musculature supports the locomotor system and can prevent many joint problems. A health-oriented strength training can even cure many problems of the knees, hips, back, neck, or similar. Furthermore, our musculature is the most important factor that shapes and forms our body at any age. Without muscles we appear floppy and not very attractive. Solely weight training gives us a firm and well-shaped body form.

And it is not true that muscle building for women necessarily increases the circumference of the extremities. Studies performed by experts (Boeckh-Behrens, Buskies 2008) prove the opposite. Within a 10 weeks strength training program the changes of the woman’s body were investigated. On average the circumference of the upper arm, the thigh, and the waist could be reduced. The reason for that was the fat reduction in the respective areas.


Men and women need a well pronounced musculature to spare their locomotor system and shape the body. Strength training also has many more positive effects. Please read effects of strength training to learn more.


How to build muscle for women

Building muscle for women is important and often even decreases the circumference of the extremities. Learn how to build muscle for women.

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