Healthy living: Nowadays, many people have the desire of living a healthy live. But there are a lot of opinions that can be misleading. What is actually relevant in that matter?

Healthy living – activity

A healthy living can be achieved quite easily by positively influencing three important factors: Physical activity, nutrition and the mind. A sufficient amount of physical activity outside keeps the cardiovascular system on a good level. The immune system strengthens, the fat burning will be improved and the uptake of oxygen increases. But we are not necessarily talking about sports. Physical activity is considered as low exercise load.

Healthy living – nutrition

Just as important as being active is a good nutrition. It really helps to go without animal products. Fresh vegetables should become the main component. Fruits are important, but their consumption should not be exaggerated, since too much sugar can be harmful for our organs. Vegetable fat helps to split certain nutritional elements and must not be left out. The intake of proteins is very important. They are essential for the muscle maintenance. A pronounced muscle structure protects joints and maintains the physical mobility. The most important nutritional component is water. Our body consists to a percentage of approximately 70% of this element. This ratio clarifies that a healthy living can solely be achieved with a sufficient intake of water. Two to three liters is a fair approach. In physical activity the intake should be increased. It is necessary to mention that we are talking about pure water – even better without gas. Nowadays we find loads of water enriched with sugar that should be avoided. From time to time a glass of fruit juice is allowed – but of course in direct form. (see also basics of nutrition)

Healthy living – the mind

Who wants to achieve a healthy living has to develop a positive attitude. Just the ones who think positive can be positive in the end. Many people do not take this topic too serious or even consider it as esoteric. The truth is that a healthy mind applies to be the most important factor at all. In a global world we should pay attention to the small things and learn to live the moment. It is about bringing joy in our daily lives. Life is too short to be angry and frustrated!

Healthy living

Healthy living – there are three essential factors that help to achieve a healthy life. The key is to influence these factors correctly. Learn more.

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