Health-oriented fitness contains different elements that are of major importance for the health and fitness of the individual human. It unifies the health model and the fitness model and bears a very low risk of damages, injuries, or premature wear.

Health-oriented fitness – endurance and strength

Within the area of health-oriented fitness we can define two major components: the training of endurance and strength. An aerobic endurance training increases the performance of the cardiovascular system and stabilizes the immune system. Strength training also is very important and protects the joints and vertebral column, gives your body an aesthetic shape and yourself the physical ability to perform various kinds of sport. The strength training can be performed in terms of muscular endurance and muscle building and includes the workout of back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, legs and butt.

Health-oriented fitness – mobility and coordination

Health-oriented fitness leads to an optimal individual mobility and a better coordination. But be careful. A limited mobility as well as a hyper mobility are not desirable. Stretching is one way to achieve an optimal mobility. In order to practise our endurance and strength training in a clean and controlled way or to prevent us from tumbling (especially at higher ages) we need to have a good coordination and stability.

Health-oriented fitness – recreation and nutrition

Health-oriented fitness also fosters the ability to actively relax the body in both the physical and the mental way. A regular recreation training is especially important in our world of stress and hurry. And of course a healthy and balanced nutrition is a basic requirement for a high physical and mental performance.


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Health oriented fitness

Health-oriented fitness is of major importance for the physical and mental condition with very low risk of injuries or premature wear. Learn more!

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