Glute stretches: The buttock (gluteus) with its three parts is the biggest abductor. The abductors can be stretched quite easily with just one exercise – the glute stretches.

Glute stretches sitting

Glute stretches can be practised in seated or lying position. Sitting on the floor we have one leg flat on the ground. The other leg is bent and set up above the leg that is lying flatly on the floor. Press the bent leg towards the body with your opposite arm. Keep your body straight up by rotating your head backwards to the side. Your other arm is resting to the back. Intensify the glute stretches by bending your other leg as well.

Glute stretches lying

Glute stretches can also be exercised in lying position. We get in supine position and pull one leg bent towards the chest. The other leg rotates outwards and crosses over the bent leg. Now we grab the crossed leg with both hands on knee and foot pulling it towards the chest. Intensify your glute stretches by actively pulling the other leg towards your chest as well.

There are various types the stretching can be exercised. Please read types of stretching to learn about the different ways to stretch if required.


Glute stretches variations

Glute stretches variations

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