Genetics and nutritional problems: In terms of the utilization of nutrients different body types can be distinguished that are determined by our genetics. Some metabolize nutrients quickly but utilize them poorly. And others metabolize nutrients rather slowly with a good utilization with the result of building up reserves easily. Most people are between those two extremes, whereby transitions are flowing. It is important for everyone to study his or her own body in order to find out what utilization type they are and to adjust the nutrition accordingly.

Genetics and nutritional problems – metabolic rate

Everyone has a basal metabolic rate that is individual and represents the energy consumption in idle state. This rate is determined by the respective body structure (proportion of muscles, fat, etc.). On top of this our body consumes more energy depending on its physical activity (motion, work, exercise, etc.). If we supply our body with more energy than it can utilize (because of too much or rich food) it builds up reserve and gains weight.

Genetics and nutritional problems – oversupply

In our society we most have the problem of a too rich nutrition. We consume too many carbohydrates and too much fat because of an oversupply of all kinds foods. Too often we just rate by the taste. What doesn’t taste good to us won’t be eaten in most cases. The industry and media have a big share in this development.

Genetics and nutritional problems – not just the taste

We have forgotten that nutrition is about the supply with nutrients. Our body cells that are being supplied don’t care about taste at all. Over time our taste buds have been misrouted by products spoiled with sugar and fat. On top of this we nowadays face a lack of time and laziness that makes us pick fast food very easily.

Genetics and nutritional problems – naturalness

We have lost our sense for naturalness. Fresh fruits and vegetables make the base of human nutrition from our beginning. We have to find back to that path and focus once again. Those who act intelligently and approach food from a nutrient point of view shouldn’t have problems in the long run.

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Genetics and nutritional problems

Genetics and nutritional problems: Each body utilizes food differently what can cause weight problems. Get to know your body to face these issues.

Genetics and nutritional problems

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