Front thigh stretches are important for the mobility and strengthens your muscles. But in most cases we can see a suboptimal execution.

Front thigh stretches

Front thigh stretches should preferably be performed lying on the floor. We get in lateral position resting on our forearm. Bend your lower leg and bring it up to your chest. Your hand fixates your knee in that position to erect the pelvis. The upper leg will be bent maximally in the knee joint (heel close to the butt). The upper arm grabs the lower thigh right above the ankle joint pulling the leg towards the back. We now stretch the front of our upper thigh over the free hip joint.

We often see the stretching for the front of the upper thigh in standing position. Here, we bend one leg maximally in the knee joint and pull it backwards with one hand or both hands. If you have difficulties in holding the balance you could hold on to a wall or similar with one hand. The standing version of the front thigh stretching is not ideal. In most cases it is not possible to erect the pelvis optimally as it would be with the other leg bent maximally in the hip joint.

There are various types the stretching can be exercised. Please read types of stretching to learn about the different ways to stretch if required.


Upper thigh front stretches

Upper thigh front stretches

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