Fitness training – Reasons for getting fit: Physical inactivity is one of the major health issues of our time. This lack of exercise is due to our society of modern wealth. We rather choose the car for our daily ways instead of walking or taking the bike. We sit at work and spend our leisure time in front of the TV or computer. Just a few of us is actually trying to keep fit – with consequences:

Fitness training – what if not?

Because of a muscle reduction and a higher joint stress the physical performance decreases without fitness training. The immune system weakens and you are prone to illnesses. The vitality declines and the cardiovascular system reaches a poor condition. This conducts to a drastic deterioration of the quality of life. But with just 2 to 3 hours of weekly exercise we can prevent these impacts. Today, the positive effects of a regular health-oriented fitness training have already been proven frequently.

Fitness training – positive effects

Fitness training reduces the likelihood of developing non-communicable diseases, the physical functionality and the mental health are being improved, the possible occurrence of disabilities can be delayed, and mortality will be decreased. Apparently, there are opinions that dissuade from doing sports. Some of them are quite reasonable. Excessive exercising can have negative impacts on the physical and mental condition. It is important to find the right amount for your fitness training accordingly.

The Fitness Guide carries on with:

The fitness concept

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Fitness training - getting fit

It has been proven frequently that fitness training improves the physical and mental condition. Start getting fit right here.

Fitness training

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