Experienced strength training: Experienced sportsmen and -women have been training their strength for several years. They could gain a lot of routine, know all essential training methods, and have reached a high physical capability.

Experienced strength training – diversity

Experienced athletes can choose from a wide range of exercises. The ones who work out at the gym can pursue a mix of machine training and exercises with the own body weight. I myself prefer the training with my own body weight adding exercises on the machine or with free weights from time to time. For better progress the individual exercises can be trained in more than 3 sets. Also super sets are recommendable (see fitness training methods).

Experienced strength training – stagnation

Athletes run the risk of stagnating on their training level. Diversity is what makes a workout sustainable. Beyond varying numerous exercises and training methods you can also operate your muscles in different ways. So far we completed all exercises by overcoming weights over the entire motion amplitude. But the most effective way to work our muscles is to remain in the area of highest muscle tension. At highest contraction the muscle is stressed the most. This effect can even be enhanced by small movements in that area. Learn more about training intensity.

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Workout plan for experienced athletes

Experienced strength training

Experienced strength training: Athletes run the risk of stagnating on their training level. Learn how to diversify your workout.

Experienced strength training

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