Exercise and fitness for seniors: It is never too late to begin a health-oriented fitness training. Especially for older adults it is essential for the mobility and quality of life to perform exercises to stay fit.

Exercise and fitness for seniors – performance level

Exercise and fitness for seniors improve the physical performance level. And it is not the truth to say that elderly people cannot enhance their strength and endurance anymore. An appropriate fitness training fosters the mobility, agility and physical condition at any age. Even if you have never been working out before you can still begin and implement a health-oriented fitness training into your life. The biggest progress will be achieved within the first months of the training. But also people who have been working out for years can still increase their performance level. With a regular training you can maintain your performance level up to the sixth decade of your life. From that age a fitness training lowers the pace of the performance decrease significantly.

Exercise and fitness for seniors – research

Research on exercise and fitness for seniors has shown that the physical performance level can be improved at any age. Elderly people of ages beyond 90 who were depending on other peoples care and supervision could independently participate in social life again after a few months. An appropriate fitness training that has been adjusted to their individual demands made them overcome their muscular weaknesses. The quality of life could be improved considerably allowing them to visit the theatre, go shopping on their own, or meet other people again.

Exemplary study: Resistance Training and Executive Functions


Exercise and fitness for seniors is extremely important. No matter if you have been working out regularly for years or never before. A health-oriented fitness training can be begun at any age and improves the quality of life on a large scale.


Exercise and fitness for seniors

Exercise and fitness for seniors is extremely important for the mobility and quality of life. Learn how older adults can stay independent.

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