The cardiovascular system is an extraordinary machine of high-performance with the heart as its engine. Every minute it pumps 5 liters of blood through our veins supplying all organs with oxygen and nutrients. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t treat this system with the care it deserves, what can cause serious limitations for the daily life. But it is so easy to achieve many positive effects with just a small amount of time for a health-oriented endurance training.

Effects of endurance training

A better heart performance will strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve the blood supply of the muscles and brain. Heart attacks and strokes become less likely. An increase in the absorption capacity of oxygen improves the oxygen supply of the organs. The performance of the lungs and airways increases as well as the life expectation.

The basis of a healthy life is a sound cardiovascular system. Endurance training strengthens the immune system and prevents certain types of cancer. The ability to regenerate after disease or injury enhances and depressions and stress can be relieved. Moreover, the body weight reduces, fat will be burned, the cognitive performance rises and the well-being soars. A health-oriented endurance training solely causes positive effects.

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Endurance training for beginners

Effects of endurance training

A health-oriented endurance training solely has positive effects. Learn more about the importance of a regular workout.

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