Effective training: Nowadays we find a lot of training methods. But the potential of working out incorrectly is quite high. If you would like to know how to workout in an effective way, read more:

Effective training – feeling

Effective training – There is one rule that always applies: No matter if you do weight training or endurance sports. What feels unhealthy mostly is unhealthy! Many athletes are highly motivated but do not pay attention to their own physical feeling. But this is what it is about! It is essential to develop a healthy feeling and to work out (and live) according to it. The body consists of enough protective functions and knows how to make us aware of them.

Effective training – no pain

It doesn’t make any difference if you are a beginner or a professional. A healthy workout does not contain a great deal of pain! Pain is one of the fundamental warning signals of the body and should not be ignored. The same applies to dizziness, nausea, etc. Who works out effectively will not develop such feelings at all. This shows that working out until the physical limit is absolutely not necessary. For a healthy training 80 – 90 % are completely enough.

Effective training – sustainable

Effective training especially means sustainable training. Regularity and balance are extremely important. Two to three workout sessions per week are recommended. Furthermore the schedule for your training should be changed at least every two to three months and contain a good combination of weight and cardio training. A clean execution of the exercises is essential. There is no reason for being shy. Go ahead and ask the trainer for help. And with the time you develop a feeling for it yourself.

If you follow some basic rules and always listen to your body, performing an “effective training” is easy and a lot of fun!

effective training

Effective training – there are a few basic rules that determine an effective training. No matter if beginner or advanced. Learn more.

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