Eccentric weight training is an extremely efficient and intense way to work out. It causes much higher muscles tensions than concentric weight training.

Eccentric weight training

Within the eccentric weight training we perform negative repetitions. In other words we smoothly give in to the weight conducting it back to the actual starting position (for concentric training). In contrast to concentric weight training this training method puts the focus on the reverse movement.

In a so called one repetition maximum we are able to overcome a certain weight one single time. This weight represents our maximum concentric strength. Within eccentric weight training we are able to work out with much higher weights. On average our additional eccentrical strength amounts 30%. Investigations performed by Buskies W./Boeckh-Behrens W. (2014) show that compared to concentric weight training our additional strength amounts between 15 to 70% (depending on the respective exercise) when we train eccentrically.

Exercises that allow us to use our supramaximal eccentrical strength cause higher muscle tensions in comparison to concentrically performed repetitions. This makes eccentric weight training much more intense. Learn more about training intensity.


Eccentric weight training

Eccentric weight training causes very high muscle tensions and is much more effective than concentric weight training. Learn more.

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