Diet to lose weight: A slimming cure is the absolute wrong approach for your diet plan.
I am always appalled by the load of diet offers that is promoted to us. And even fitness centers earn a lot of money for such slimming cures. But wouldn’t we actually expect proper concepts from the so called experts?

Diet to lose weight – What happens?

Diet to lose weight: Nowadays the term diet is used as synonym for slimming cure. Here, mostly unhealthy methods are being applied. Many starve to become slim what mixes up the entire metabolism. The body runs into an emergency situation and makes use of all energy reserves that are left. The significant weight loss in the beginning is due to a huge loss of water. Certainly, the body will get rid of fat at some point. But a major part of up to 50% of the entire weight loss will consist of muscles.

Diet to lose weight – metabolic rate

If muscle mass is being reduced the basal metabolic rate will decrease. This leads to a lower energy utilization and the body to a lower level of nutritional requirements accordingly. In other words, the body adapts to the reduced nutrient supply and economizes its energy utilization. If you increase the nutrient supply from that point again (e.g. because you have reached your desired weight) you will gain weight much easier than before (yo-yo-effect). The body forearms against another possible nutrition shortage in the future and builds up even more energy reserves. So we cannot consume the same amount of food anymore as we could before the diet. The body needs a long time to get back to its initial level of energy utilization.

Diet to lose weight – what is right?

The term “diet” originally refers to a right nutrition and lifestyle. This notion is desirable indeed. As mentioned above we need muscle mass to burn energy. Within a weight loss program it is essential to maintain or even build up muscles. This can be realized with a regular strength training. Also, a healthy and balanced nutrition is indispensable. Considering this, a good approach could be the goal of losing approximately 2 kg per month.

If you would like to learn more please go straight to the respective section starting with Effects of strength training and Basics of nutrition.


Conclusion: A slimming cure based on food reduction is not reasonable at all. The body runs into an emergency situation and (besides fat) loses significant amounts of water and muscles. A diet to lose weight is meaningful if practiced according to its actual definition that focuses on a right lifestyle.


Diet to lose weight

Diet to lose weight: A slimming cure is the absolute wrong approach for your diet plan. Learn why.

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