Determine your fitness level – After defining your training objectives it is important to choose the right start. Most of us are on different fitness levels or have different preconditions. The following classification helps you to determine the right starting point for your training.

Fitness level beginners

Beginners have no or just a little previous knowledge within the fitness area. Also hobby and occasional sportsmen and -women and (former) sports club members, who have not been working out their strength and endurance specifically, belong to this group. Also, athletes who pick up their training again after a long break should start out on this fitness level.

Fitness level advanced

Athletes who have been working out their strength and endurance for a longer period of time belong to this fitness level. They are familiar with the training equipment, are able to work out independently based on a workout plan, and could already develop a safe feeling towards the training. Advanced athletes have already made noticeable progress in terms of their physical performance.

Fitness level experienced

Experienced sportsmen and -women have been working out for several years collecting a lot of knowledge within the training area. They are familiar with all common training methods and able to create and vary workout plans on their own. Also, they are confident in the usage of training machines and equipment as well as with their own bodies. Experienced sportsmen and -women have reached a high physical performance level.

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Determine your fitness level

The determination of your individual fitness level is important for the type and intensity of your workout. Learn how to determine your fitness level.

fitness level

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