Define your training objectives – It is advisable to think about your training goals before you start your fitness training. You could also just start straight away what would certainly help you to a better physical and mental condition at some point. But this option isn’t efficient at all and would keep you far behind your potentials.

Training objectives – define

If you apply the right means to your individually set training objectives you are most likely to reach them. Examples for typical training goals are losing weight, body forming, muscle building, improving the endurance and/or better mobility. Many are just looking for a leisure activity that is fun, socializes, and contributes to the fitness. The important thing is: The more precise you are able to define your training objectives the more efficient you can work on their achievement.

Training objectives – healthiness

Please note that this fitness guide is dealing with the question of: “What is healthy?” The goal is a lifelong health-oriented fitness program that improves the physical and mental performance, increases the resistance against illnesses, and helps to reach a higher quality of life. This contains a mixture of strength, endurance, and recreation exercises as well as a healthy nutrition.

You will find concepts and exercises that are easy to integrate into your life. A lot of people like to go to the gym for their training. For that reason a comprehensive catalog of exercises on the machine is part of this guide. To enable you to work out at home as well, numerous exercises with own body weight can be found in addition.

The Fitness Guide carries on with:

Determine your fitness level

Define your training objectives

Training objectives are important for the success of your training. Learn more about how to set your individual training goals.

Training objectives

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