Circuit training is a very effective and time saving method to exercise. It allows us to work out a large number of exercises for all muscle groups within just one training session. Especially from a health-oriented perspective great importance can be attached to the circuit training.

Organizational aspects of the circuit training

A circuit training represents a very effective organization form for your workout. We can choose among all different kinds of exercises, like machine training, workout with the own body weight, etc. As a big advantage we don’t need recreation time between the individual exercises, since every following set strains a different muscle group. So we just have very short breaks that are determined by a responsible trainer, an optical or acoustical signal.

With just short breaks the heart rate can remain on an increased level throughout the entire circuit training. So this workout method also has some relevance in terms of endurance training effects. The cardiovascular system will be trained and strengthened in this way accordingly.

Circuit training vs. regular training

In our regular training at the gym we complete all sets for one exercise before moving to the next one. Here, it is quite common to exercise in accordance to a workout plan. Such a plan contains the exercises we want to practise, the training weight or resistance, and the number of repetitions and sets. Usually, it also determines the duration of our breaks between the individual sets.

But in many cases we are not able to keep the defined time frame. Either are certain machines occupied, or we find ourselves in chats with other people. In the end we might have spent quite some time at the gym but didn’t actually work out that much. The time efficiency and training effectiveness can decrease significantly in that way. A circuit training can prevent us from getting distracted and represents an effective workout method to the same time.

Training circuits based on machines just allow a certain number of participants to work out at the same time. Circuits without machines based on exercises with the own body weight allow larger numbers of participants. This can also increase the motivation level significantly.

A circuit training has many advantages and can be practised by all fitness levels. It represents a comprehensive workout for the entire body, is very time efficient, and can be very motivating if performed in groups. Also learn about training intensity.


Circuit training

Circuit training is a very effective and time saving method to exercise. Learn the advantages and find workout plans right here.

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