Best form of exercise: The way in which we perform a specific exercise determines the intensity and effectiveness of the workout. There are different exercise forms that allow us to vary our training. But just a few represent an optimal training.

Best form of exercise

Usually we perform a repetition throughout the entire motion amplitude. This is especially recommended for beginners but doesn’t represent the best form of exercise. Here, we constantly switch between a state of high muscle tension and a state of muscle relaxation. But when we work out we don’t want to relax our muscles. The training becomes more intense and effective when we spend more time in the area of higher muscle tension.

The best form of exercise is when we don’t leave the area of muscle tension within a set and perform small partial movements in that area. Most effective would be to remain in the area of highest muscle contraction (isometric). Here, we could even perform very small up and down impulses to further intensify the exercise. This method should just be performed by experienced athletes.


There are different ways to perform your training. The best form of exercise is when we focus on the area of highest muscle tension. Learn more about the factors that determine the training intensity.


Best form of exercise

Best form of exercise – Performing every repetition in an optimal way will increase the effectiveness of your training considerably. Learn more.

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