Basics of nutrition: The most important element of a healthy lifestyle is the nutrition. Our body consists of the stuff we feed it. So it plays a significant role to carefully think about our daily supply with nutrients. And this actually is not that hard. Following a few basic rules many positive effects can already be achieved.

Basics of nutrition – components

Basically our nutrition consists of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Minerals and vitamins are to be added to this list. These components complete important tasks. Carbohydrates, fat, and proteins provide us with energy and also accumulate it. Proteins also represent the basic elements of our cells, which establish and repair them. Minerals and vitamins complete several vital tasks.

Basics of nutrition – composition

Basics of nutrition: Our nutrition should consist of 15% proteins, 55% carbohydrates, and a maximum of 30% fat. But these percentages refer to the nutritional value. For proteins and carbohydrates this value is similar. But the nutritional value of fat is more than twice as high. In other words one gram of fat contains more than twice as many calories as one gram of proteins or carbohydrates. Furthermore, we should focus on herbal products (appr. 70%).

Basics of nutrition – water

Water most likely represents the most important element for the human body. We consist of up to 80% of water (this proportion decreases with increasing age). Within the human body it functions as solvents and transportation means. In this way cells can be reached by nutrients and pollutants get out of the body. But also with water our body keeps us from overheating and controls the thermoregulation. An approximate of 2 to 3 liters is the recommended daily amount of water absorption. Here, we are talking about low-calorie water without additives. Basics of nutrition

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Basics of nutrition

Basics of nutrition: The most important element of a healthy lifestyle is the nutrition. Learn, what really matters.

Basics of nutrition

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