Advanced strength training: Advanced athletes have been working out their strength for a longer period of time. They are familiar with the basic exercises, have developed a safe feeling for the training, and could improve their strength significantly.

Advanced strength training – focus

According to your individual preferences and objectives the training program can now move away from the circuit training and focus more on specific muscle groups. It is recommendable to work out every exercise in 3 sets switching between muscular endurance and muscle building.

Advanced strength training – new stimuli

For the ones who work out at the gym it is now time to move towards multifunctional machines and free weights. It also makes sense to build in sets of 3 to 6 repetitions. This allows you to train with higher weights to reach a different stimulation for your muscles. In the individual sets you now can train until the muscle fatigues. Learn more about training intensity.

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Workout plan for advanced athletes

Advanced strength training

Advanced athletes should align their strength training to individual training objectives. Learn how to do it.

Advanced strength training

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