Muscle group:   The leg muscles

Trained muscle:   Adductors

Fitness level:   Beginner, advanced, experienced

Type of training:   Own body weight exercises

Adductor side leg raises are not too difficult to perform what already allows beginners to practise this exercise. But there are different variations what make the workout quite intense.

Adductor side leg raises

Adductor side leg raises begin in lateral position. Either support your head with your bottom arm or bring both, head and arm, to the floor. For more balance have the top arm support on the floor in front of your trunk. Lay the bottom leg (training leg) stretched to the floor. The other leg could either be laid down as well or set bent in front or behind of the training leg. From this position raise the training leg maximally from the floor.

Adductor side leg raises variations

Adductor side leg raises variations

Adductor side leg raises – variations

You could either perform the adductor side leg raises isometrically by keeping your leg raised maximally. This could be intensified with small up and down movements. Or you could work out the exercise dynamically by raising and lowering your leg alternatingly from and toward the floor. If you place your standing leg behind the training leg the execution becomes easier. Higher intensities can be achieved with extra weights, like cuffs around your ankle.

Adductor side leg raises on the cable machine

Adductor side leg raises on the cable machine train the adductors of both legs effectively. Due to the extended amount of stabilization work the body has to perform the exercise is not recommended for  beginners. We stand beside the cable machine. The standing leg bends slightly. It could be helpful to choose an elevated position, like standing on a weight plate or board. Fixate the foot cuff on the ankle of the training leg. Even better would be right above the knee, if the cable can be adjusted in hight. This would protect the knee from injuries. Hold on to the machine or similar and tense the abdominal muscles to stabilize your body. In a controlled movement you now pull the training leg against the resistance toward the standing leg and back again. Intensify the exercise by working out with small impulses in the area of highest muscle tension (almost closed legs). It is not necessary to cross the training leg over the standing leg.

Adductor exercises on the cable machine

Adductor exercises on the cable machine

Antagonist: Abductors

Stretching: Adductor stretch

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